Lathi Seminar 2010

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Circular Bana

"The Lathi seminar was incredible. It opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of powering a weapon with body mechanics and natural laws."

- Michael H.

Four Point Cross

"The art of Lathi was not what I expected. The hand position, the method of powering attacks, the targets, and everything else we learned on the FIRST day impressed upon me why this system had lasted thousands of years. It worked, period. Running drills with the other students showed me just how much control over the situation seemed to come to the practitioner. I felt like I had more options, essentially. Good options. I felt like I could gain the upper hand simply from the perspective that I was not locked into a response, and my opponent could not predict what I would do. I need practice to make it a reality, but I like where this is headed. I've never seen such a comprehensive approach to stick training. I am definitely impressed, and will be at the next seminar!"

-James C.

"Dr. Sheehan's 2010 Lathi seminar presented basic principles and applications that helped me to recognize the tremendous value in this ancient and amazing art. Having participated in the seminar, I now see how with the proper investment of time one can develop practical martial skills with a stick that far exceed what most people imagine possible. I definitely plan to attend the next seminar!"

- Brad C.

Forward and Backward Walking:

"I attended Dr. Sheehan’s Lathi seminar on July 17, 2010; to say it was time well spent would be a gross understatement. In the course of an afternoon, Dr. Sheehan provided us with a wealth of information on this martial art, including history, theory, forms, and strikes. Lathi is a very practical system; through use of gravity and basic geometry, a Lathi practitioner should possess a formidable defense as well as the ability to deliver devastating blows. I left the seminar with an appreciation of Lathi coupled with a great sense of gratitude for this unique learning opportunity. And, I had an incredible amount of fun. Thank you, Dr. Sheehan."

- Travis B.

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Approximately 1995, in Greeley, Coloroado.  The first time Lathi and Silambam were taught in America for credit on a junior college level as far as we know.
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