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The W.C.M.A. is proud to introduce Authentic Internal Martial Arts training to the University of Wyoming community through the new Asian Internal Martial Arts Association on the UW Campus.

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Tai Chi with the Youth Center

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W.C.M.A. Entertains Jr. High Students with Tales of Kung Fu!

            On October 10, 2007, Dr. Tim Sheehan came to Johnson Junior High School to speak to my students.  ...

            For one hour, Dr. Sheehan engaged the minds of these young men.  He challenged their ideas of what martial arts really are and provided them with accurate information.  He invited them to truly think about what they mean when they use words like “good,” “bad,” and “respect.”  And, he talked with them about the development of character and how the choices we make become “tracks” in our minds; eventually, the tracks become ingrained to a point where we can’t leave them.  With that in mind, making positive, life-affirming choices becomes even more crucial.

            The students responded extremely well to Dr. Sheehan and his message....

            The entire experience was nothing short of fantastic....  As I walked by one of my quieter students, he looked at me, grinned, and said, “That was really cool!  Can we do it again?”  Thank you, Dr. Sheehan.  You are welcome in this classroom any time.

Travis Burns

Dr. Sheehan "engaged the minds of the young men."
Travis Burns, planning additional fun activities for his students.
Excerpts from a letter from Travis Burns, describing our presentation to his class as "fantastic" and "really cool!"

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