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Martial Arts of the Colorado and Wyoming Chapters of Modern Arnis


The training methods of Arnis consist of understanding the Twelve Angles of Attack and the Twelve Defenses.  Once a student grasps these principles, all techniques of all fighting styles are familiar to him.  Regardless of culture. 

This singular approach to martial training has given Arnis practitioners a reputation of adapt-ability and practicality that far surpasses most martial arts today.  For example, Arnis practitioners are esteemed for their ability to use anything as a weapon; they are also noted for their ability to disarm any weapon used against them.  Further, they are famous for their use of systematic hand and foot methods – La Cadena – to strike, trip, throw, lock, trap, and otherwise bind-up their opponent as he attacks. The C.C.M.A. and W.C.M.A are the only recognized centers for Modern Arnis in the region.  As such, we offer the finest instruction available. 

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Tai Chi Ch’uan is considered to be one of the three major internal systems of Kung Fu, the other two being Pakua and Hsing-I.  It should be noted that Internal Kung Fu, when understood and practiced correctly, has nothing in common with the many kinds of public martial arts so readily seen today. 

For one, the purpose of Internal Kung Fu is entirely different.  While most other arts stress the development of power, competition, and sport, the purpose of the Internal Arts is to develop the whole person.  Thus, superb combative skill is an outgrowth of the development of deeper potentials, rather than an end in itself. 

The main training of Tai Chi Ch’uan traditionally consists of a series of slow, rhythmic movements which are done with proper body alignment and mental attention.  While this exercise provides for eventual martial movement, it is also at the core of what many Western doctors now consider to be an amazing method for healing, rejuvenation, relaxation, and stress reduction.  As such, it continues to be one of our most popular classes ever.

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Pakua or Eight Trigram palm, is another one of the three major Internal Kung Fu systems.  Although it has much in common with the other Internal systems – that is, the cultivation of Superior Health, the development of Flexibility, and the initiation of Philosophical Insight – it has some important differences as well. 

Pakua consists of eight forms performed continuously around the circumference of a six-foot circle.  Interchanging them gives a total of sixty-four possibilities of movement, covering every conceivable natural motion of the human body.  From these “changes”, a Pakua student develops harmonious mental and physical movement that is constantly changing, constantly evolving. 

Thus, it is said that a Pakua practitioner cannot be successfully attacked, nor defended against by static (read: “preconceived”) methods.

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 Sometimes known as Concealed Way, Hidden Path, Lost Track, and a number of other names, this ancient, timeless Internal Kung Fu method may be the most intensive single program of training available anywhere.  However, the results are commensurate with the Faith, Desire, and Persistence of the student. 

Like Love, some things defy description.  Either you grasp it or you don’t…  Training by recommendation/application only.

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Few people are aware that ancient India was the cradle of all Asian Martial Arts.  In fact, there is evidence to suggest that India had an influence on Western Martial Arts as well, through the army of Alexander the Great.  Most certainly his soldiers took certain concepts back to their native Macedonia and incorporated them into arts such as Pankration and Wrestling.  That being said…

 The C.C.M.A. and W.C.M.A are pleased to offer one of the two Great Pillars of Indian Martial Arts – Silambam, and its meditative derivative, Lathi.  Both combine deceptive footwork with the ability to shower the opponent with attacks from all directions.  In addition, the study of either will build stamina, agility, lightness, and impressive upper body strength.

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Dr. Sheehan conducts the first Lathi/Silambam class at a junior college in the U.S. to the best of our knowledge.

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 The C.C.M.A. and W.C.M.A are pleased to teach the famous Shaolin Five-Animal System along with more than forty traditional Chinese weapons that go with it, many of those taught in multiple versions. 

Because of the diversity of the system, the training program can best be divided into three areas: 1) Cultivation of Health.  2) Development of Strength.  3) Evolution of technique for combat skills.  The C.C.M.A. and W.C.M.A place equal emphasis on all three.  Our long-term students report this approach has consistently produced results far beyond their expectations in every case.  Perhaps this is why it’s our most popular class…

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 The C.C.M.A. and W.C.M.A have established themselves as some of the longest running as well as most successful centers for Adult Martial Education in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming.  We know that martial Arts consists of more than Ninja Turtles and Bruce Lee reruns.  Having successfully countered that mistaken perception in our Adult program, we are now offering what may be the most comprehensive children’s program in two states.  Please contact us for details.

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